This is an excellent article on How To Pitch Yourself As A Podcast Guest

The podcast will focus, in the first instance, on self-published authors (and those who support them) who are in the early stages of their careers.

I’m going to restrict interviewees to the UK at the beginning, until September 2016.

I’m almost bound to expand this over time, but I will be attending at least 4 UK writing events over the course of the first 30 episodes, so I want to use those face-to-face meetings to recruit new interviewees.

Most of the interviews will be with self-published authors.

I want to hear from the next/upcoming generation of indie authors.

Interviewees must have self-published at least one book and have made at least some sales, it doesn’t matter how many.

They need to be able to talk through their processes, problems, solutions, concerns and successes as a self publisher.

I’ll also be including support experts in my guest list, so that new indie authors can learn about things like book cover creation, proof-reading, copy editing, author platform building PR strategies and so on.

If you're included in that list, please get in touch via this page

Self Publishing Journeys